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Monetize your audience… live your best life, while we do the rest, and sky rocket your income!

About Us

Spanx Management is a Premier Talent Management Agency. We bring our clients amazing engagement growth to meet their financial goals. We can do this for you while you just do what you do best. You’ll be able to enjoy travel, stay at exclusive hotels, dine at top rated restaurants, meet great people and fulfill your dreams.

This will be simple when you partner with Spanx Management. We walk with you to ensure you exceed your financial goals. You’ll engage and keep clients from all around the world with our proven engagement growth program – the sky is the limit. You remain in the driver’s seat while we do all the hard work to ensure your success.

We have a team of marketing, social media, account audit and account manager professionals to make this happen. Come and be part of this successful tribe today!

Our Services

Account Audit Management

Are you ready to take your current OF account to crazy new heights? If you already have an Account, we’ll review at your current stats and offer advice on of how we can take your account to new and crazy financial heights. In addition, we will also review your social media platforms and advise on how you may be able to improve the content to increase and retain more followers.

Brand Growth Management

You can travel the world living your best life while we assist you in growing your brand, increasing your followers/subscribers and sky rocket your income.

Developing a strong personal brand requires mastery – essential to make your Only Fans or other social media platforms, return you the income you deserve. With our proven Brand Growth Management Formula, we’ll get you there in the shortest timeframe.

Spanx Management will advise you on your social media accounts to grow your following and convert to OF Subscribers, in order to maximise your income. You just do what you love to do and what you’re best at, and leave the rest to our experienced team of professionals.

Content Creation & Photo Shoots

We’ll set you up with our professional team to enable you to create cool and engaging content. It’s all about hooking your audience in and keeping them there… continually driving your income. That’s what we do best!

We’ll help you perform and look your best with advice on photo shoots and scheduling your content to keep your audience faithfully engaged, and growing. With our formula you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll exceed your financial goals.

24/7 Chatting to Increase Engagement

We'll be managing your OF account and messaging your subscribers. Please change text to: We'll be managing your OF account and messaging your subscribers to sky rocket your income. We'll make money for you while you're sleeping. Leave it all to us.

Our Talent


Partner with US and Everyone WINS
Whether you are an existing Content Creator or someone who just wants to refer a model to our Agency, we offer a generous upfront Referral Fee. You will receive this once the Model has signed with Spanx Management. Refer as many people as your like and reap in the $$. Some people are making a lucrative ‘Side Hussle” from referring the right type of Talent.

We’ll then monetize your friend’s Talent on Only Fans so she can reach her financial dreams.