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The answer is No. Whilst OF was once considered predominantly an adult content site, it’s now not entirely the case. While there are many creators posting adult content, there are also many non-adult content posters making a success of the OF platform.

Non-adult content creators use the platform to promote areas of interest like; travel, beauty, education, how-to videos, health and wellness, lifestyle, food, fitness and fashion. So, while adult content creators are indeed making money from the OnlyFans platform, there is more than enough space for these other areas of interest. However, whether you decide to get involved with OF for adult or general areas of interest, your success will depend on the same thing – how much dedication you can apply to your account. The difference all comes down to the level of engagement, promotion, creativity and effort you are prepared to put in. Whether adult content or not, the most successful OF accounts do things differently. Effective creators focus on increasing their fan base, optimizing fan engagement and on ensuring content is current and unique.

Here are some things you can do to make financial gain on OnlyFans without taking your clothes off:


Work at growing your subscriber base

OF works off fan subscription so the more subscribers you have the more money you’ll make. Focus on increasing your subscribers across all social media platforms so you can market your OF offerings across a wider audience. Also, don’t underestimate the power of promoting your OF account when you meet new people, your current social network, business associates, and the like. If you’re promoting health and wellness, for example, there should be no issue with sharing that you’re an OF content provider.

Sell merchandise, not just informational content

If you’re creative, you may want to consider making or re-selling merchandise to sell via your OF account. You can also add some great information or educational tips about the product or related products to increase fan engagement. Ensure the product(s) you select are reasonably unique and not readily available on other, and more popular product sales platforms.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means that you have teamed up with an external online or retail store and you agree to promote their products via your OF account. You will then receive commission from these stores for the promotion you do for them.

Create Custom or Pay Per View (PPV) Content

You can create specific content that is particularly niche or relatively unknown, and only subscribers who have paid extra for this content can get access to it. An example of this might be if you are a health and wellness coach and you have unique education on a topic. You can sell this education (or product) to subscribers who are willing to pay more to view it.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content is similar to PPV however the difference if that your fan subscribers can request that you upload certain content of their choice, made to order based on their request. They will then pay you for this personalised, exclusive content of their choice. For example: you’re a fitness instructor and you get a request by a subscriber asking you to make content specifically tailored to helping them overcome or address their specific fitness issue.

The first step you need to do is to consider what you’re good at, what you know about or what product(s) you have access to. Figure out your unique selling proposition (USP) so you know how to market yourself in a position that’s different from what other people are currently going. Then open your OF account and start to see the benefits. Be prepared to do the work if you want to make substantial financial gain. You may decide that partnering up with an OF management agency is the best option for you. Management agencies do all the hard work in terms of optimising your fan base, marketing your account and increasing fan engagement, while you concentrate on what you do best which is creating content or acquiring products.