Spanx Management

Over the past years, we’ve seen people losing their jobs, homes and hope through lockdowns, employment uncertainty, low economic growth and ever-climbing interest rates. Very few industries provide protection against these types of risk factors that are outside of all of our control.

The top fastest growing industries were: global tourism, travel agents, hotels & resorts, air operation, event management and promotions, amusement parks and performing arts. Hard to believe right? – as all have suffered badly in recent years and some have never recovered.

Most industries took a significant hit in some way… but did OnlyFans? OF is now worth $18 billion, eight times what it was valued at in 2020. OF currently has 190 million active users, including 2.1 million content creators. It’s therefore clear that the demand for content is what keeps driving this business, and doesn’t look like it’s decreasing anytime in the near future. There was a 1291.85% increase in their user base between 2019 and 2021.

OF rise has been a growth phenomenon. In 2022, OF creators made $12.5 billion but let’s break that down. 300+ creators earnt over $1M per year and 16000+ creators earnt over $50K per year. Off the bat, we can assume that there is serious money to be made by being an OF content creator (model/talent).

But why is OF recession and lockdown proof? There’s no question that during these times, people feel more isolated, bored, disconnected, lonely and emotionally low. People need connection for well-being. We are after all, still tribe dwelling communal beings with a mid-brain that hasn’t evolved all that much in 12000 years. Our need is still strong for connection, to feel emotionally stimulated or moved, and to experience others in a way that works for us. Particularly, during times of difficulty, people seek out pleasure and emotional connection and engagement. For many, OF provides just that. Subscribers can connect with a content creator and feel part of something and emotionally stimulated. This need in humans will endure and we’ll pay to have those needs met.