Spanx Management

Partner with US and Everyone WINS

Refer your friends, associates or other content creators, and you could be raking in the $$$ just by referring, and doing nothing else. You could give up your regular job and just work a few hours a week while you spend your time traveling, dining in the finest restaurants and living the life of freedom you want. You don’t have to be working with OnlyFans in any way to refer. All you need to do is to consider your friends, go through your IG contacts or any other people you may know. 

Pass their details onto us, well contact them and discuss how they can also live their dream life.


Partner with US and Everyone WINS
Whether you are an existing Content Creator or someone who just wants to refer a model to our Agency, we offer a generous upfront Referral Fee. You will receive this once the Model has signed with Spanx Management. Refer as many people as your like and reap in the $$. Some people are making a lucrative ‘Side Hussle” from referring the right type of Talent.

We’ll then monetize your friend’s Talent on Only Fans so she can reach her financial dreams.