Spanx Management

300+ creators on OF earn over $1M per year and 16K creators earn over $50K per year. Great news rights? However, most creators are earning far less.

There’s no question, that like any business, becoming a top OF earner does require high fan engagement, quality content creation, creativity, monitoring/auditing, focus and quality production. It’s a difficult process to keep all of these plates spinning continuously and simultaneously. In addition, how does the average creator know how much engagement to do, how and what to post to maximise income and what sort of quality brings in the greatest amount of earnings. Even if a creator did know, who has the time to do these things anyway with most creators having other jobs (after all, bills still need to get paid), study requirements, life, other commitments, and the like?

The content creator’s solution may very well be to engage in a professional partnership with an organisation who can support and perform these functions for them – outsourcing. Outsourcing is the new kid on the block wonder. From startups to established businesses, many outsource business roles to those who specialise in these tasks – one can’t be good at everything so do what you do best and outsource the rest. The OF serious creators consider themselves as a brand and therefore a business and like any business certain things need to be outsourced. Companies outsource their legal work, accountancy, book-keeping, public relations, advertising, sales and marketing, recruitment, cleaning, employee assistance programs, property maintenance, and many others. If you’re intending on making serious money with your OF account, you should consider it a business or serious potential to be a quality income stream, and therefore get the help you need. Moreover, the people or companies that perform these outsourcing functions specialise in these areas, so you can generally expect them to perform better at them than you would do on your own. Outsourcing does, of course, cost money so it will depend on whether you want to do OF as a hobby or a venture yielding you to make serious income from.